About us

Hey you lovely people out there! 

We're PandaBee Studios - a bunch of young game developers who want to create awesome experiences which are easy to love. =)
Everything about us (Discord, Social Media, ...) can be found here:

Portal Golf is our first published independent project, and we're currently looking for a direction to go. Originally it was planned for Mobile, but we figured with some redesign it might be awesome for PC too due to the challenging but at the same time chill gameplay (which is awesome for some puzzle fun at cozy evenings)

The Game

Portal Golf is a 2D Puzzle Adventure Game where an inexperienced golfer tries his best to hit a hole in one using magical portals. As you will find out pretty quickly, he's... not quite good. Luckily, he's got a great guy with him who appears to be a magical Djinn. The Djinn, whom you are playing, is a great guy and always happy to help new players to make some progress!

I hope you enjoy the Levels and find some challenge! If you want to try it out on your Android phone, there's also a Google Play version which you can find below.

Portal Golf

Give us your amazing feedback!

Feel free to share your thoughts on the project! We're happy to hear what you think and wish for! :P

Alright, enough talking. Hope you have a great time playing or scrolling itch for more awesome games! See you around.

Bee Lovely

Install instructions

Should work simply by downloading and unpacking the project. =)


PortalGolf_Windows_0.3.1.4.zip 74 MB

Also available on


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cool golf

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Glad you liked it. :3
The solution you chose for the last Level you played is very interesting. =D