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Congratulations to your new position as Game Producer!
We're sure that you'll always make sure everyone is working and that there's no problem in the way of anyone! Don't forget: You're one big family.

Oh, by the way. As Tom left the company because it's "ToO AbUSiVe" and "a HuMaN RiGhTs ViOlAtiOn" (such a loser) it's your turn now to help your great family deliver the project due by tomorrow. As families go through hard times every now and then please don't hold back in any way to make sure this project meets the finish line.

I'm sure you got this! And don't forget how lucky you are that we picked you. Would be a shame if you had to leave us already. Anyway, good luck!

Lovingly, Boss.

Man, you should've picked another Job. Well that's what it is now, fella!
Let me at least break it to you:

You are a producer at a company and your team has a milestone at 6am. Help your Team members to stay awake, by either slapping them awake or serving some hot, nice coffee. It can be that your Team members need some paperwork, go to the printer and print the right stuff for them. And sometimes one of the computers need some hands-on work. Get to them before they slow your progress. Move around with WASD and Interact with stuff by holding Left Mouse Button.

This game was made during BansJam2022 (https://itch.io/jam/beansjam-22)
Topic: We need to stay awake

Put in truly useless Bees
Make every Sound with your Mouth
And "Secrets" but we didn't get that in sadly (see Banner)

Gameplay Programming: Gustav Mehner
System Programming & Music: Alex Martin
Unity & Level Design: Daniel Schneider
Art: Bich Hang Pham, Niro Dil Hossain-Müller, Tina Raab
Sound Design: Julien Schillinger
Cover Art: Anna Wägner

StatusIn development
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorPandaBee Studios
GenreSimulation, Role Playing, Strategy
Tags2D, beansjam, Management, Singleplayer, Tilemap, Top-Down, Unity


DueByTomorrow_1.1.rar 31 MB


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Geile Soundeffekte! Besonders mag ich den Peitschenhieb, die sollen sich schön willkommen in der Familie fühlen :D


Auf den bin ich tatsächlich auch am stolzesten, da wirklich alle Sounds mit dem Mund gemacht worden sind! :D Das Eingießen finde ich persönlich auch cool.

Eine wahrlich herzliche Familie, wie eigentlich in jedem Großraumbüro mit Leistungsdruck. 😊


Da würde ich sagen paar dumme ein Gedanke :D
Aber cooles Game auf jeden fall wir hatten uns auch top down überlegt :D


Nice Game




The music is pretty good, i wonder what genius made it 😏